Sleep Dentistry

Sometimes trips to the dentist cause people to feel anxious. If you feel nervous and find it difficult to get through a dental procedure, you can relax knowing that Dr. Ratra and his team offer an option that could help put you at ease. 

Children respond very well to Sleep Dentistry which can be a great option for kids who have a fear of the dentist, or for restless children who have trouble sitting still during a procedure. 

We make your appointments more comfortable by offering different levels of sedation 

  • Nitrous Oxide- “laughing Gas” – mild sedation, relaxes you throughout the appointment. You are still aware of your surroundings and able to drive after the appointment.
  • Mild oral Sedation- Pills administered prior to apt. Creates a very sleepy , drowsy sense. Patients cannot drive after the appointment and are recommended to have someone stay with them until the effects of the medication wears off.
  • General Sedation- Patient is totally asleep and unaware of surrounding’s.

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Eating or drinking is prohibited 12 hours prior appointment and driving after appointment and for the rest of the day is not permitted? Your vital signs will be monitored and we will provide an intravenous sedation and/or freezing based on the procedure. While the procedure takes place and while we work on your teeth, you will be monitored by a nurse the whole time to ensure your safety and comfort.

If you have concerns about sleep dentistry, please come see us for an evaluation. Call (905) 567-6757 to schedule.